Priscilla Du Preez // Unsplash

I don’t know that I necessarily understand what kindness is. I have a lot of other questions. What does it mean to be kind? Is kindness to oneself lesser than kindness to others? Why are some people kind and some people not? Is it a choice?

Do you choose to…

Unsplash // Lidye

I have paranoid schizophrenia, and I have shared widely that I am paranoid of being poisoned. It is possible that people are confused about this because I have never shared what exactly this entails.

Mostly I am paranoid about a person putting some type of mind-altering or murderous drug in…

Mark Tegethoff // Unsplash

I remember the day of Halloween in fifth grade. It was a weekend, I think. I was rollerblading, telling a friend I wish we could put our costumes on already. I don’t remember what I was dressing as that year but I do remember her telling me no one would…

Allie Burke

Author of Paper Souls. Stigma Fighters CEO & Co-Founder. I really love my cats, okay.

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